I'm Mike Pasque,

my law practice focuses on civil litigation, but my deep-down passion revolves around the law, technology, and data privacy/protection. I was previously the Senior Vice President at Agile Data Solutions, an e-discovery tech startup in Missoula, MT, where I consulted with lawyers and corporations, helping them navigate complex e-discovery issues through the use of various TAR methodologies (which included the software platform we developed).

I have written and presented nationally on topics including
e-discovery, data protection/privacy, and technology in the practice of law.

The purpose of this website is two-fold. First, I enjoy writing and discussing hot topics in technology, e-discovery, and data privacy/protection and how these impact the practice of law. Second, I want to provide a space for the attendees at my various talks to access the information I present. For those that haven’t attended these talks, feel free to check out the resources, I hope they can be of help.

Feel free to comment on any of my blog musings or contact me via the form on this website – I welcome discussion regarding the topics presented here. Thanks for visiting.